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Hair Braiding is our specialty. We do hair braids whole day, every day. Our hair braiding shop specializes in all African hair braiding styles like: 

African twist, micro braids, Cornrows, Flat Twist, Fluffy Twist, Goddess Braids, Human Hair, Human Hair Twist, Individual braids, Kinky Twist, Kinky Locks, Lock Extensions, Sew-in Weaves, Interlock braids, Lacing braids, Hometown twist, feed-in Cornrows, New Bomb twist, tree braiding, Goddess braids, Micro braids and many more types of black hair braided styles. 

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Hair braiding is an art and you need the best braiders to craft your hair braid. At Akos Braids,   we offer the needed professional services and the value is high.

We do all African hair braiding styles with or without hair extensions,. We are good at all new natural hair styles, lock start up and maintenance, exceptional hair weaves and many other unique techniques. For a list of more African American Natural hairstyles

The most important element when spending your hard earned money on hair braids should not be how much you pay: "Quality is". Our hair braiding prices are reasonable and the value is undisputed and guaranteed.