About us

At Akos Braids, we're committed to our customers; we have established and earned a great reputation for ourselves for two reasons; selling outstanding quality hair and excellent service. We always go the extra mile to help our customers. We Offer Our Customers the Best Hair there is available on the market. We welcome all of your inquiries, questions, comments and concerns - regarding our services and/or products etc.

All we can say is, we do everything you would expect us to do...and more. Your satisfaction is our priority. Home visit is available on request. Just call in for a consultation. It's free.

You can be assured of having the best of hair treatment when you call at Akos Braids. We specialize in braiding with or without extensions, grooming natural hair, lock start up and maintenance and many other unique techniques.

Our professional staff of braiders and natural hair stylists understands the importance of customer service, client consultation, and complete customer satisfaction.

We understand that each client is different and has different needs. We take into consideration that every hairstyle is not for everyone. Your stylist will help you choose a style that looks great, is affordable and offers the maximum benefits for you. 

We cannot be satisfied with just offering you the perfect look. Your hair care is first.